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Your pet deserves it.

We are committed to your dog's health! We believe that what you put in your dog directly affects his attitude, coat and over all health. We offer top of the line organic and holistic foods to ensure that your dog gets the best. Does your dog suffer from

.... Allergies? Itching? Shedding?


We can help!


Pet Nutrition

Understanding your dog's food will change the way you look at nutrition completely. The ingredient list on the back of your dog food bag can be like reading Greek. Most dog foods are loaded with fillers like corn, brewers rice, and cheap meat by-products. Yes, even the ones that are vet recommended and very costly! At Animal Lodge, we believe that your pet deserves the best, and his food is no exception. We believe that providing the highest quality nutrition for your dog or cat will ensure that he will live a long, healthy life that you both will enjoy. When we choose what products to put on our shelves your dog's well being is on our mind. We have a Certified Veterinary Nutritional Advocate on staff to help you understand dog food and choose one that’s right for your pet. What you learn will surprise you. We keep more than 15 different brands of super healthy and hypo allergenic dog food they include Grandma Lucy's Artisan, Amicus, , The Honest KitchenFrommZiwi Peak, Stella and Chewy's, Zignature, Pulsar, ProPac, Instinct, Koha and many others. We also carry frozen raw food, dehydrated food, and air dried food.



Pet Essentials

We have a great selection of treats and toys you and your dog will both enjoy.  From stuffed animals to hard bones there is something for every type of dog.  Of course our store is pet friendly so you can bring your dog in to choose exactly what he likes.