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Train now or forever hold your leash . . .

At Animal Lodge, we believe that dogs and their people must have a good relationship to live happily together. Proper training is not only something you should do for your dog, but for you as well. The right training will ensure the happiness and lasting quality of your relationship.  Our training program offers several options to achieve your goals.  Weather you need to teach your dog some tricks, stop him from jumping on guests or get him certified for pet therapy we can help you!

Obedience Training

Our expert trainers have the knowledge and resources to guide you through a successful training experience.

Camp & Train
This is an intensive training program for your dog by a professional dog trainer.  Your dog stays at Animal Lodge and gets trained by the trainer.  This is an off leash program designed to give you quick results and freedom with your dog. This program is by reservation only.  Please call to schedule your dogs training. 

Commands Covered: sit, lay down, stand, stay (30 feet), come, heel, drop it, leave it, off and more
Problems Addressed, jumping, chewing, nipping, door bolting, self control around people and dogs, and more

When you pick up your dog you will receive his remote training collar, written commands and instructions with a private lesson.  We will schedule a follow up private lesson about a week later to answer questions and check on progress.

Private Lessons
Meet one on one with a professional dog trainer. During these lessons, we can address any problem you are having and teach obedience commands. The lessons are by appointment and held at Animal Lodge.  Please call to schedule a lesson 806-331-7387.

Michelle Knevelbaard

Michelle Hill

Since 1996, Michelle has worked with more than 5,000 dogs and their people. She has personal hands on experience with over 100 breeds of dogs from all the AKC groups. She has continued her education by attending seminars on dog aggression and behavior modification, obedience competion and more. Michelle has attended lectures and classes on the latest methods and training tools available. Her experience in dog training includes puppy training & socialization, house training, basic manners, agility, advanced obedience training, behavior modification, aggression, problem solving, AKC obedience and conformation. Michelle brings her life long love of dogs together with proven training techniques that both you and your dog will enjoy.  

-1996 Michelle became a Certified Dog Trainer after apprentacing with a professional dog trainer and passing 3 written tests.
-1998 Michelle became a AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator (#1925)
-2003 Michelle became an Accredited Dog Trainer through Petsmart. As Senior Trainer she certifed other dog trainers for the company.
-2004 Michelle was certified by National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors.
-2004 Michelle was certified by Animal Behavior College as a Mentor Trainer.
-2005, Michelle became a Level III Veterinary Nutritional Advocate.
In addition, she has written monthly columns in several published magazines such as the Amarillo Magazine and the Examiner.com on pet-related topics.

Questions for the trainer? E-mail Michelle at Dobermangrl@aol.com

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