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We’ve got answers.

There are lots of breeds and lots of behaviors, so making sure that your dog is getting the right care is vital. Here are some commonly asked questions with answers. If your question isn’t listed, feel free to ask us in the form below and we will answer it.

  • There are so many dogs playing together in doggie daycare. Why don't they fight?

    We do temperament testing on dogs on their first day and then we closely monitor all the dogs as they play. We separate dogs according to size and temperament so each dog has fun and feels comfortable around the other dogs. In addition to monitoring and testing, when the dogs come to Animal Lodge they are on neutral territory.  They do not own any of the toys that are available to play with and this prevents them from being territorial.  Our staff is continually monitoring the playgroups to ensure each dog is having fun.  We also have video cameras so we can monitor the playgroups from the office.

  • Why is Animal Lodge an indoor only facility?

    We are in indoor only facility because it's the safest and most comfortable environment for your dog. He will never be wet or muddy from rain, cold from the snow or wind, and he will never be over heated in the summer. We are fully climate controlled facility. That means we keep the temperature comfortable for people and their pets. Another wonderful aspect of being indoor only is that your dog will not be able to climb a fence and run away. So by keeping your dog at Animal Lodge he will be safe from the elements and safe from escaping.

  • Since Animal Lodge is an indoor only facility will my dog still be potty trained when I take him home?

    Yes he will. Dogs go potty based on scent. So when they smell the location of other dogs urine they follow suit. Even if your dog never goes potty in the house he will go potty at Animal Lodge in the play yards. And then when he gets home he will return to his habits there. We have dogs that come every day for daycare and have done this for years. Each evening when they return home their potty training skills are still strong day after day.

  • If my dog doesn't like to play with other dogs can he still stay at Animal Lodge?

    Yes! Your dog does not have to participate in daycare if he doesn't want to. He will get individual playtime.

  • Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered to stay? Is there an extra charge if he's not?

    No! Your dog does not have to be spayed or neutered to stay. And there is no extra charge for that. Because our staff is highly trained we do not have a problem working with intact dogs. However, if your dog is in season she will not be allowed in playgroup and must stay in a suite.